Lifting Machine

Alignment Sciccor Lift

Model: WSL-4301


  • Hydraulic System Synchronizes the movement of runways.
  • Integrated limit switch controls high and low lift positions.
  • Easy to use and maintain control panel features push button controls.
  • Compressed air connection & safety lock

  • Technical Data

    Capacity 4 Ton
    Overall Height 7.1 Feet
    Length 14 Feet
    Working Height 6 Feet
    Motor/Voltage 5HP / 3 Phase (415V)
    Working Height 6 Feet
    Lower Height 1 Feet

    Two Post Lift

    Model: TPL-3500

    Techinical Specifications:

    Type of Lift Type of Equalization Capacity Capacity Per Arm
    Asymmetrical Cable 4000 KG 875 KG
    Overall Width Width Between Columns Capacity Capacity Per Arm
    3628 mm 2790 mm 2080 mm 3631 mm
    Under Bar Clearance Height to Lowered Lift Pad Height to Raised Low Lift Pad Front Arm Retracted Length
    1048 mm 791 mm 1141 mm 1920 mm
    Lift Time / Lower Time Power Supply Requirements Hydraulic Oil Specification Hydraulic Oil Capacity
    49/45 Seconds 380VAC, 3Ph, 50 Hz, 15Amps ISO 3210WT 10 L
    Maximum Operating Pressure Primary Safety Auxiliary Safety Hydraulic Safety
    3000 psi Mechanical lockate very 3” starting at 24” Load holding valve on power pack 2 cylinders direct, flow restrictors