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ICON has been active in the automotive equipment field since over 20 years as a manufacturer of tyre service equipment products: Tyre Changers Wheel Balancers and Wheel Alignment for car, motorcycle, truck and heavy duty wheels, also lifting equipment for tyre service 

Our first product was a tyre changer sold under the ICON brand, which gained a significant market share in just short time. The key to its success was its superior quality, combined with a highly flexible production system, capable of quickly meeting customers’ needs and providing prompt, efficient service.

In the 2010 the company significantly expanded its range of products by adding lifting equipment and setting up its own partially internal production, while obtaining the ISO9001 quality certification in the early 2011

In 2004 the first generation of The ICON tyre changer was released, and thanks to constant improvement and development, nowadays it has become a product of great interest to tyre service shops dealing with luxury car tyres. This super automatic tyre changer is equipped with innovative automatic finger-tool, to remove tyre bead.

From 2010 onwards, after consolidating its position on the domestic markets, the company has set the goal of also becoming an undisputed protagonist on emerging markets.

In 2014 ICON drove on Wheel Alignment Machine Designed for race every car model

In 2017 the exclusive iSmart Wheel Alignment Machine Series was introduced, featuring robust vertical tower with innovative camera arm to grant much higher accuracy than in any conventional model. The new design makes the new machines extremely robust and stiff, granting increased accuracy, further then maintaining the memory of the working position. ICON Tyre Changers Wheel Balancers and Wheel Alignment  machines are our flagship products.

As a future-oriented company, ICON has always been convinced that continuous investment in innovation is essential to constant growth. To this end, ICON has been devoting significant resources to advanced research into new technologies and design, so as to be able to improve both safety and quality of work for professional tyre service shops.