Digital display, high-luminosity LEDs, clear and simple.
It’s universal, the 40mm shaft can handle both car and truck wheels;

two separate programs perform calculations for the two different modes.

         Detection of wheel data
The automatic gauge enables auto-input of wheel distance and diameter and displays relative balancing program required (clip-on or stick-on weights). No errors due to manual inputs.
The machine allows operator to work according to his preferences. The correct positioning of counter-weights can be displayed in two different modes: with the accuracy of position repeater or the conventional 12 o’clock position. A powerful electro-pneumatic motor assosts the operator during counterweight application.
features all the latest prorams for unbalance corrections:
– ALU S: unlimited “”stick-on weight”” positions
– SPLIT: hidden weight mode(behind the spokes)
– Multi-operator program: 4 different operators)
– Minimization of residual static unbalance.