Two Post Lift -TPL3500



Padded shut-off bar to prevent damage caused by lifting too high.
High-pressure,full stroke cylinders in each column provide maximum lifting force.
Symmetric 2-post lift with asymmetric arm design provides more pick up points.
Three stage arms increase overall arm sweep which can fit to more wheelbases.
Reliable, self-setting locking system with easy to reach lock latch handle

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Type of Lift:  Asymmetrical      Type of Equalization:  Cable         Capacity:  4000 kg                Capacity Per Arm:875 kg

Overall Width:    3628 mm       Width between Columns:  2790 mm      Drive-Thru Width:   2080 mm

Overall Height: 3631 mm

Under Bar Clearance:                      Height to Lowered Lift Pad:                 Height to Raised Low Lift Pad:


Front Arm Retracted Length:                Front Arm Extended Length:


3419 mm 110 mm 215 mm
Rear Arm Retracted Length: Rear Arm Extended Length: Maximum Lifting Height:
1048 mm
791 mm 1141 mm
Lift Time / Lower Time: Power Supply Requirements: Hydraulic Oil Specification: Hydraulic Oil Capacity:
49 / 45 seconds 380 V AC, 3 Ph., 50 Hz., 15 Amps ISO 32 10WT
Maximum Operating Pressure: Primary Safety: Auxiliary Safety:
3000 psi
Mechanical lock at e very 3”
starting at 24”
Load holding valve on power pack 2 cylinders direct, flow restrictors

717 mm
1920 mm
Hydraulic Safety: