Wheel Alignment Machine in ChambaWheel Alignment Machine in Chamba



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Both Vehicle Axles are controlled
with four measuring Target Plates
Having Sensors & Wireless
Infra-red Transmission.
Wheeled Unit Contains Camera
Arm Capable of Vertical Movement,
Hardware& Software Essential for
Smooth3D Wheel Alignment. This
Comes With Standard Accessories.


Features :
w Camera movement kit allows the operation to
work form pit level to over 2 meters by
automatic or remote.
w No periodic calibration with one.
w High precision wheel alignment 3D.
w Low-cost maintenance with lower failure rate.
w Parking Assistant.
w Voice Assistant.
w Unique High resolution targets.
w High resolution camera
w User friendly software and quick alignment
w Standard 10” to 24” wheel clamps
w Automatic steering angle Measurement
without expensive electronic turn tables
w Job operation customer data bank to recall
and memorize all customer data
w Mounting kit for clamps and targets.
w Cabine